Quiet Days

Quiet Days
By Lynette DuClos Adelson

As I worked through my two years of training in spiritual direction it be- came clear to me that I spend much more time reading about, talking about, teaching about and planning for time with God than actually making that time. The Tuesday prayer in the Chapel means so much as a break from the hectic, head-y work of the day and I look forward to it all week. Because I need the discipline of time set aside to listen for God I am wondering if others in the congregation might feel the same. I also wonder if there are particular prayer practices that speak to par- ticular people. So, I will be leading a Quiet Day on the second Saturday of each month, opening the church and holding a space for anyone who would like to come, be in communal silence and explore different prayer practices.

September 8 – Centering Prayer
A simple method of prayer that sets up the conditions to rest in quiet awareness of God’s presence. (Chapel)

October 13 – Prayer Walk/Lectio in Nature
Walking meditation paying attention to Creation. (Meditation Garden and campus)

November 10 – Prayers of Remembrance
Celebrating All Saints Day by sitting with grief over a relationship, a loss or a difficult memory. Is there something we can let go? (Sanctuary)

December 8 – Meditation on our true heart’s longing.
What if identifying our own longing and listening for the longing of others could be our Advent practice?

January 12 – Praying the Psalms

February 10 – Note date change. The quiet day will be incorproated into Sunday Morning’s Adult Education Class – Ignatian Imagination

March 9 – The Lord’s Prayer

April 13 – Intercessory/Supplication
Preparing for Sabbatical – praying for each other

May 11 – Praying with Icons

Quiet Days will begin promptly at 9 a.m. with a short introduction to the prayer practice and the flow of the morning. We will then practice 15-20 minutes of silent Centering Prayer to help us shift from busy-ness to Contemplation. After that we will experience the prayer practice of the day for up to an hour. This may include simply sitting and opening to the silence or going to another room for a stretching exercise (journaling, art, movement, quiet conversation). The option for leaving whenever one feels filled is always an option. Most Saturdays will then conclude with sharing any discoveries we are comfortable sharing.

Please consider coming and opening to God in silence.

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