At First Presbyterian we describe our hopes for each member as:

Be in Christ + Be Loved + Be of Use

  • Experience the grace of our living Lord;
  • Know you are part of a community;
  • Use your God-given gifts to bless others.

You will experience grace, community, and the expression of your gifts in a way unique to you. Our experience tells us that full participation will include:

  1. Worship – an activity we do together at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning and on special occasions.
  2. An activity that helps strengthen and encourage you.Children bring fresh voices to scripture
  3. An activity that allows you to give yourself away in service and love.

So, if you are a 7-year old girl, you may come to worship, head off to KidSpace to be with other children during the sermon time and make lasting friendships. During the year, you might collect a “fat fish” offering for the poor and periodically help lead worship when we ask our children to lead and bring fresh voices to the good news.

If you are a busy 45-year old professional with a gift of music, you may come to rehearsals (bell choir or choir), have fun with other musicians as you prepare Sunday’s worship offerings, and offer that gift as you worship in joy with your friends.

If you are a homebound senior, you may listen to sermons online, or have a whole service delivered on CD, receive a visit and care cards from our Deacons, and choose to pray and encourage one of our confirmation students with their picture posted on your refrigerator.

Worship offers a variety of experiences on Sunday mornings – quiet time, music, readings, time with children, hymn singing, a sermon, reflections, and various prayers. Periodic evening services are offered – quarterly Healing services, Advent, Lent, and other special occasions.  We also support each other in prayer, engaging in a variety of corporate and private prayer practices from silence to Lectio Divina.

Children are encouraged to fully engage and develop their gifts not only by their own bulletins, lesson, and activities, but by being treasured as a gift communicating the Word of God to the adults. We are a teaching and learning community with a diversity of gifts and opinions but a unity of purpose to serve God in Christ here in San Bernardino in very tangible ways.

Pledge: All the programs at First Presbyterian are supported financially by our members and friends. If you would like to make a commitment to regular giving, please contact the church office for a pledge card. You now also can give online either one-time or monthly anywhere you see our Paypal Donate button.


Be of Use:  (For examples see Serving Our Neighbors)
A large variety of opportunities to give are available. Essentially, if it is necessary to maintain property, run an office, keep organized, and carry out projects and programs, we need members to recognize and offer their gifts.

  • Leadership – Pray, listen, discuss, make decisions, and lead the congregation, and its groups with wisdom and compassion.
  • Stewardship – help others see and share their gifts.
  • Administrators – welcome & serve visitors, organize, document, and prepare materials.
  • Event Organizers – prepare events, promotional materials, invite people, generate excitement, and promote on social media.
  • Group Workers – work on any number of groups with short and long term goals that serve this faith community, the local community, or even our global & mission concerns.
  • Snack & meal makers – prepare the food that consoles, opens up the heart space, as a tangible way of caring.
  • Friends to Young, Old, Middle Aged, Sick, all kinds of people
  • Educators – adult education, high school outreach, youth group work, issue-oriented projects.
    • Child care workers
    • Sunday School teachers
    • Leaders of adult discussions & bible studies
    • Hosts of small groups
    • Storytellers
    • Writers
  • Worship – It takes many people to make joyful encouraging sensitive worship, including:
    • Greeters
    • Ushers
    • Readers
    • Musicians
      • Choral singers
      • Bell ringers
      • Soloists
      • Instrumentalists
  • Food Pantry
    • Food Bank drivers
    • Food bag packer
    • Contributors of food and money to purchase food
  • Labors of love – yard, maintenance, and projects need many hands to keep our property safe, beautiful, and productive.

How can I get more informed or involved?

Contact the office, the leaders of the individual session or deacon groups, and watch for weekly or newsletter announcements of interest and show up!

We thank you for the courage and integrity to act on your God-given gifts and trust them to this community. We trust that you will be blessed.


Be… in Christ …Loved. …of Use.