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updated 5/20/2015

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PRESBYTERIAN DISASTER ASSISTANCE providing relief in Nepal. The death toll from the massive earthquake in Nepal continues to rise since the 7.8 quake struck just west of the capital of Kathmandu on April 25 and the subsequent aftershocks.  PDA is providing emergency relief and short–term recovery in the impacted areas with partner, ACT Alliance and its members who are already on the ground. Immediate response will help provide needed food, water, supplies and medicine to the impacted towns and villages. As long term recovery plans are developed, PDA will accompany and further support our partners in the area to insure that a comprehensive recovery is sustained.

The needs for the response will be great. God’s people are once again called on to stand in the GAP – Give. Act. Pray.

Give: Financial support for relief efforts can be designated to DR999999 with reference to Nepal. Gifts can be made by making a designated donation to First Pres, which will be forwarded to PDA, or you can donated online at

Act: Learn how your congregation can help families who have lost everything in the devastation. Stay informed and like us on Facebook, download resources and share updates with your congregation.

Pray: Pray for those who suffered loss of family or those who are working tirelessly to provide rescue, humanitarian aid, and spiritual and psychological support.

BRING FELLOWSHIP HOUR TREATS THIS SUMMER: “Sacred Grounds and Tea Leaves”.  Get two families together to be responsible for a Sunday, including selecting, bringing, setting up, facilitating self-service and helping those who need more help, and clean up.  or a few friends and sign up for a week to bring a treat of your choice to Fellowship Hour. You serve and clean-up that week with mostly self-service and just a couple people behind the table to assist those who need help. June, July, and August will be coordinated by Christa Wallis.  Please tell her the family name, contact email or phone number and which Sunday you’d like to provide food and hosting duties.

HELP OUR FOOD MINISTRY PROGRAM: Could you drive once or twice in a three-month period to pick up groceries from Second Harvest in Riverside? If you have a Van, SUV, or pick-up Truck, that would be really helpful, but even a sedan can work. What we need most is your willingness to help in the Food Ministry Program. Please contact Sally Morris or Kathleen Ray through the church office.

2 ADULT CLASS CHOICES AT 9:30 AM on SUNDAYS:  Anyone can join in on any Sunday to either of these classes.

    In FIRESIDE LOUNGE:  HOW JESUS BECAME GOD.   The DVD sessions are based on a book of the same title by Distinguished professor of Early Christianity Dr. Bart Ehrman at the University of North Carolina. Discussions are being led by Dr. Wendy Lamb, Pat Morris Esq, and Dr. Ernie Garcia.

    In ROOM 10:  ADULT BIBLE STUDY continues with a study guide series and discussion on scriptures and the Holy Spirit.

SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDY for women.    Perhaps you have wanted to grow in your faith through Bible study, but just have not pushed yourself to become part of a study group. The Circle of Grace is waiting for you. We are a small group and meet the second Thursday of each month from 5:30 7:30 p.m. in the church library. Some of our members come directly from their workplace so we have “substantial” snacks while we meet (it can even substitute for dinner!) If you would like to give us a try, contact Laurie in the church office for further information.

Know someone who needs ENCOURAGEMENT? Our parish visitors co-ordinate our ministry of presence and care in times of need. Call Laurie Stafford in the office, or contact visitors Lynette DuClos Adelson or Mindy Rueda. Our prayer chain is always ready to hold you in prayer, contact Tommie Ann Freeman who will start the chain praying. If you know that someone needs encouragement and is shy to ask, please notify the church office. The answering machine can receive your call at any time. Thanks for helping us to love one another as Jesus calls us to do.