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Upcoming Events

Week of 4/13 – 4/19

Maundy Thursday 

At 7 p.m. this Thursday, April 17th we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper at our Maundy Thursday service.
“Maundy” means “mandate” and refers to Jesus’ commandment that we eat the bread and drink the wine in remembrance of the Lord who died and rose again for us.
We invite you to the Last Supper. Come with us.

Easter Excitement

It takes a village to get our church ready for the holiest Sunday of the year. If you can contribute one or both of the following items, it will help enrich our special day!

BUTTERFLY COOKIES ARE NEEDED for Coffee Hour on Easter Sunday. Please bring yours and leave them in our kitchen before Worship on April 20th. Thank you for helping!

BRING US YOUR GLORIOUS FLOWERS FOR EASTER! On Saturday, April 19th we’ll gather at 9:00 a.m. outside Fireside Lounge to begin decorations for the glory of our Easter Sunday service. You’re invited to bring your most beautiful flowers, greens, blooming branches etc. from your yard or garden. Bring them in buckets of water if you can to keep them fresh. Bring your pruners and gloves if you want to participate in arranging. This annual tradition of our church is a delightful way to create beauty together and to bless our God as we prepare for the triumph of Easter Sunday!

Adult Education

There will be no Adult Education or Sunday School classes on Easter Sunday.

Blood Donors

When you are donating blood through LifeStream, please remember to mention that you would like the church’s account to be credited.

Parking Alert

The church parking lot will be resurfaced at the end of the month.  The main parking lot and the north parking lot will be redone on Monday, April 28th.  Please plan to park in the alley spaces by the chapel on that day, or on the street.  The alley spaces and the circular drive by the chapel will be redone on Tuesday, April 29th.  Please plan to park in the main or north lots on that day.  The restriping of the spaces, will be done on Thursday, May 1st.  Please be prepared to move your car as necessary to accommodate the work on that day.  And on all these days, please exercise caution as you drive onto the campus.

ALL Church Camp

May 23-26 (Memorial Day Weekend) is when camp takes place. If you are interested in attending, but have not yet signed up, NOW is the time to do so.  All are welcome to attend — whether you are 1 or 101, single, married, have children or are childless… ALL are invited to join together and experience fun, fellowship and food here in our local mountains. However, we NOW need to confirm numbers as accommodation arrangements are currently under way. Deposits are also due this weekend.  Day Campers are welcome too!  If you would like to just come up and spend the day either Saturday or Sunday, we have “Day Camper Only” rates. Please visit the All Church Family Camp table Sunday, following worship in the Fellowship Hall.

Know Someone who Needs Encouragement?

Our parish visitors co-ordinate our ministry of presence and care in times of need.  Call Laurie Stafford in the office, or contact visitors Lynette DuClos Adelson or Mindy Rueda.  Our prayer chain is always ready to hold you in prayer, contact Tommy Ann Freeman who will start the chain praying.  If you know that someone needs encouragement and is shy to ask, please notify the church office.  The answering machine can receive your call at any time.  Thanks for helping us to love one another as Jesus calls us to do.

Food Fun Fashion Fundraising 

Enjoy delicious salads and fashions from the Victoria Gardens’ Coldwater Creek store.  We have been collaborating on this event with Coldwater Creek for several years, with clothing modeled by our own Presbyterian women.  Tickets are available for $15 from Circle leaders and from Carol Valentine.  Her email address is Carol230atroadrunnerdotcom  (Carol230atroadrunnerdotcom?subject=Fashion%20Show%20Tickets)  

The theme, Bridges of Friendship, is descriptive of the purpose of the luncheon—to raise funds for our several mission projects—both locally and world-wide.  This is a fun, friendly event and we hope to have a sold-out audience.