Healing Our Community

Pastor Sandy Tice has been holding out the light of hope in the conversation happening in our community following the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center.   Below are some of the activities and interviews regarding our community, faith, and recovery.

On Sat, Aug 27, 2016, First Presbyterian Church and The Presbytery of Riverside are sponsoring a free workshop open to the community on building resilience with the support of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Members are invited to help underwrite the costs of this event by designating donations “PDA Resilience Fund”.

Managing Stress in the Workplace and Beyond

Some of the SBHS students got to meet some IRC staff when delivering cookies at the end of the year.

Round 3


More cookies from SBHS freshman to IRC staff on Spring Break

lifeskilz cookie round 2_cookies and kids thumbs upAsh Wednesday, 2016:  Having discussed what comforts a broken cookies for IRCheart, the freshman LifeSkilz class decided to bake cookies for the employees at the Inland Regional Center.  While these people will receive victims’ funds, their hearts and spirits have been harmed by the fear and horror of the attack.  So on Ash Wednesday, 12 San Bernardino High School freshman gathered in our church kitchen, and knocked out 3 double batches of Toll House, about 200 very large cookies, which Sandy Tice and James Welte delivered to the Inland Regional Center.   See Sandy’s guest blog on The Sustainest.


Jan 4, 2016:  Pastor Sandy Tice responds in thanks to the many who offered support to our congregation and community as to what it has meant to us and how we are walking forward to To be a Light (pdf) in this community.

Dec 18, 2015:  The San Bernardino Clergy Association released a final version of A PLEDGE TO OUR COMMUNITY FROM THE SAN BERNARDINO  CLERGY ASSOCIATION.

Dec 10, 2015: Tragedy and Community in San Bernardino: Sandy Tice is on a panel of community representatives interviewed at the University of Redlands.

Dec 8, 2015:  Pastor Sandy Tice and Pastor Tom Rennard were interviewed for a Presbyterian USA article on helping the community heal, Church members still in Shock.

 On Thursday, Dec  3, 2015, one day after the shooting, two NPR interviews:

Among civic leaders and clergy at one of several interfaith vigils

The interfaith work of planning and listening

Planning with interfaith_3

We continue to pray for our community leadership including all of our area clergy as they work together for unity and peace in our struggling, but diverse and resilient, community.

Be… in Christ …Loved. …of Use.