San Bernardino High School

Supporting SBHS students through:

  • leadership circles,
  • internships,
  • gardening, and
  • support of other SBHS Cardinal activities.

Building and Landscape Internship Job Description.
Building & Landscape Intern Application.

Leadership Circles

2 leadership circles- Read how we got started in Eric Law’s blog.
Also now mentioned in Eric’s new book, Holy Currency Exchange.

The students who were in our original Circle graduate in 2016.
We host the all senior graduation breakfast on June 2nd!
First we had to recognize our very dear initial breakfast group.

Graduating seniors in original life circle.
lalli_ernie w_sandy_ bobbi_pat_sally
Bobbi introduces Lalli and Ernie who spoke to the congregation, with Pat, Sally, and Sandy.

Our freshman circle decided that cookies = comfort, and they have baked up multiple batches of comfort for the Inland Regional Center, which serves people with developmental disabilities and was the site of the December 2nd, 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

lifeskilz cookie round 2_cookies and kids
Cookies over Spring Break

Cookies in process Cookies round 1

cookies delivered

Our kids wrote something so powerful that it summed up this 30 minute LA Times documentary film.


Christmas cookie bake
Christmas 2015 cookie bake

SBHS  Internships:

Building and Landscape Internship Job Description.
Building & Landscape Intern Application.

2016 interns paint high and low:


Our 2016 interns still smiling after trimming and cleaning out shrubbery.  Who knew how many pairs of shoes could hide in there?



Intern Supervisor Mark Adelson with Summer Interns

Our First 2 Water Wise interns Lalli & Ernesto paved the way for regular interns from SBHS.  We now cheer on Lalli & Ernesto as they attend CalState University, Monterey Bay.

Water wise landscape interns Lalli and ErnieLalli_Ernesto at work

LabyrinthTools for SBHS students

Renovation        SBHS interns with supervisor MarkSBHS interns        Ernie, SBHS intern

Aracely, Jorge, Desteny, Carmen, Ernesto, and Angela
Aracely, Jorge, Desteny, Carmen, Ernesto, and Angela

Interns working on landscaping projects in Dec 2015

Dec 2015 interns front landscaping

Dec 2015 interns

partnership on SBHS garden box project: Garden Box Project GroupGarden projectgarden project 2 Garden Box Project at SBHS


SBHS garden bounty          SBHS corn and beets


Cardinal Senior Breakfast 2016 – ~300  SBHS seniors enjoyed French toast, bacon, and fruit breakfast on their graduation day.


Another New Class Starts in Fall of 2016!


Christmas Baking  2016!

Friends for Life in College, Military Service, &  Work.

Be… in Christ …Loved. …of Use.