12:7 Internship

An opportunity for a member of FPCSB to explore ministry and grow in faith.

The name of the internship refers to 1 Corinthians 12:7- “To each is given a manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”

The purpose of the internship is twofold: To equip members of this community for ministry so they can discover joy in responding to God’s call, AND To strengthen this congregation by developing leaders and creating a culture of learning and growth.

The internship is an intensive, customized, structured learning opportunity involving:

  • A project that allows the intern to learn a specific skill or develop a new understanding by engaging in hands-on ministry in this congregation or city. This would involve an agreed upon number of hours per week (perhaps 10?), scheduled to fit the specific intern.
  • A study component designed to fit the project and experiences of the intern. This might be a book or books to study, a paper to write, or a formal class at a college or seminary.
  • Participation in staff meetings.
  • A personal pattern of regular prayer and worship
  • Weekly theological reflection with the pastor. (Where is God in this situation? What can be learned about Christian leadership in this situation? What is the Spirit saying?)

The internship parallels the traditional academic year, beginning in the fall and concluding in the spring. This will be an intensive year of learning, with regular time given to experiencing ministry.

In the summer, interested persons may apply for the internship by submitting a proposal describing their sense of call, and the project or skill they propose to undertake or develop (family ministries, plan and lead healing or contemplative worship services, explore pastoral care, create and lead a retreat for women, intergenerational work trip, neighborhood ministry etc.). Personnel committee selects one applicant per year.

The intern, in partnership with the pastor, will develop customized goals for their year and a calendar for completion of tasks/projects/and learning goals; and agree on a book or study component.

The intern will write a description of what they are exploring for the September church newsletter, so that the congregation understands the learning experience. Their picture will be on the website with ‘staff’. Every effort will be made to clarify expectations of the intern, congregation, and supervisors.
The intern will participate regularly (at least 1x month) in worship leadership.

The intern will ask 2 elders to accompany them – to pray for them, observe their work with care, give feedback, support, etc. These two elders, the pastor, and the intern will complete evaluations of the process.

At the end of the year, the intern’s accomplishment is celebrated (perhaps at the same service as Leonard Scholars?), and the intern meets with Session in May to discuss their experience and describe what they have learned and what they feel called to explore next, and to clarify expectations now that the internship is concluded (e.g.- this person does not have to do this project again every year!)

[A small stipend could be offered if appropriate, similar to what is offered for a seminary intern]
[If there is a seminary intern at the same time, theological reflection might sometimes be done together]

Download 12:7 Application here
The application is due July 31 via email or hard copy to the Church Office  (presdotfirstatgmaildotcom)  .


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