Individual photos of members of 2017 Board of Deacons arranged in chartThe office of deacon is one of care and compassion for those both in and outside our community of faith. We organize our Board of Deacons along three essential ministries:

  • Congregational Care: Caring those for those within our community of faith who are ill, injured, home-bound, or otherwise incapacitated. This committee is also charged with overseeing the preparation for Holy Communion and some of our church-wide fellowship events.
  • Community Ministry: Supporting local missions and helping the congregation to be engaged in transformational work in our community and larger world.
  •  Food Program: Providing food to those in need through a monthly food distribution on the third Saturday of each month (starting at 9:00 a.m.), and with emergency bags of food distributed through the office Monday through Friday (households are eligible to receive one bag of food per month through the office, not including the third Saturday distribution).
Moderator: Marilyn Kraft
Vice Moderator: Margaret Doane
Secretary: Carol Valentine
Pastoral Support:  The Rev. Dr. Stephen Smith
Congregational Care Community Ministry Food Program
Carol Valentine (2018)
Judy Brewer (2018)
Wanda Gernux (2017)
Linda Kaufman (2019)
Judy Steppins (2018)
Pat Morris (2019)
Marissa Congdon (2019)
Marilyn Kraft (2017)
Sonia Martin (2017)
Amy Rueda (2019)
Bill McIntosh (2017)
Sue Alexander (2019)
Margaret Doane (2018)
Mark Freeman (2017)
John Valentine (2018)

NOTE: Number following each name indicates year term expires. Officers generally serve 3-year terms.

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