Caring for Creation – Week Five

This year FPCSB’s theme for Lent is Caring for Creation. We are trying to prayerfully and intentionally examine, honor, and care for the fragile planet we have been bequeathed.

The wisdom to discern

Living God,
grant us the wisdom to discern
the real from the fantasy;
the need from the desire;
and truth from falsehood.

Give us your grace,

that we may seek only the treasures of your kingdom. Amen.

– Chris Polhill

Shopping Thoughtfully

We have so many choices about what we buy and how we buy it. What we often lack is information about how things are produced and a full understanding of the implications of a particular product choice: materials used, expected working life of the product, etc.


Buy only what you need.

Repair and reuse rather than replace

Check through the products you bought last year. How useful were they?

Buy second-hand goods

Make a list before you shop for food/household goods to avoid buying things you don’t need

Cook from primary ingredients (use fresh vegetables rather than processed foods)

Get junk mail stopped.

Have your magazines sent electronically, or at least recycle them.

Eat vegetarian or vegan

Research the environmental records/behavior of the companies you buy from

Contact companies you buy from about labeling information on food and household goods