Prayers in the Wilderness Day 44

Loving God
We are such funny people, your beloved ones.
With Peter, when you kneel to wash our feet, we say, “No, we couldn’t.”
When you insist, we say, “Then do that and more.”
When you say that one of us will betray you,
We wonder, Is it I, Lord? Is it I?
When you say one of us will deny you
We know we all will
Some time or another.

You call us little children
And you remind us
To love one another
Because in one another, we see You

You know we will betray you and we will deny you
We will hinder you and we will ask for too much
And you leave it in our hands
To love one another
So that the world will know You.

As we enter the darkness of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday
As you go where we cannot come
Remind us to see you in one another
As you have loved us
May we love one another.