Prayers in the Wilderness Day 33

You are doing a new thing, O God
Creating streams in the desert
And a way in the wilderness.
May I pour my extravagant love at your feet.

You are doing a new thing in the world
As the Roman Catholic church welcomes a pope who is the first from the Americas,
the first from the global south,
the first Jesuit.
As people around the world fight poverty with laughter-filled fundraising.
As people in this nation question long-held beliefs
And stand together for equality.

You are doing a new thing in the city
As we wait and wonder.

You create streams in the desert and a way in the wilderness:
Streams of healing for those across the world
And for ourselves, our friends, our neighbors
Streams of healing in a broken world.

You prepare a way in the wilderness
as we seek to move forward,
As we search for your path
A way for those who fight violence and injustice,
A way for those who seek truth,
A way for those weary of the wilderness.

Let us discover your new thing,
your streams in the desert,
your way in the wilderness,
and let us pour at your feet
extravagant love
because we have known
the love you pour out on us,
The love that brought you to live among us,
The love that is in Christ.


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