Prayers in the Wilderness Day 28

O God who waits with us and for us
Help me to wait during these forty days
With a sense of promise

Like the Israelites in the wilderness
Like Mary and Elizabeth
Like Simeon and Anna

They knew that you had planted a seed
They knew they needed to be present
In This Moment
So they would not miss the gift
You have promised

Let me not slip into despair when what I wish for,
My plan,
Is not Your plan

Instead, help me to be filled with hope
With trust
So that I may say,
“I do not know what all this means,
but I trust that your plan for me is Good.”

Trusting that what will happen
Is far beyond my own imaginings

Trusting that God molds me
According to God’s love
And not according to my Fear

Help me to know that I do not wait alone in the wilderness
You wait with me in the silence
And in the love of my faithful community
Celebrating, worshipping, laughing and crying
Gathered around to remind each other that
Something wonderful is happening in our lives together

How can we say that
God is Love
When there is hatred all around?

We say it Together!


–Melodee Kistner

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