Prayers in the Wilderness Day 26

Luke 15:11 Then Jesus said, “There was a man who had two sons…”

God, giver of all good things,

Sometimes I am the lost child,
Going my own way,
Squandering the good things you give me,
Living for myself,
And I find myself alone
and broken,
And I make my way home
Where you are
Where you welcome me.

Sometimes I am the elder child,
Angry because I have done “the right thing,”
Working for you,
Keeping your commandments,
Giving of myself
Until there is no more of me,
And I am tired,
And I don’t want to be joyful
When the lost one comes home
And you welcome him.
How can I come home,
How can you welcome me,
When I have never left?

Sometimes I am the father
Filled with sadness
for the child who does “the right thing”
without joy,
Full of grief
waiting for the child
who has lost the way.
As they make their way home
I wait to welcome them.

Sometimes I am the mother
Unnamed in the story
Unable to stop my child from leaving
Unable to give my child the recognition sought.

Welcome me, O God
When I am the lost child coming home
When I am the dutiful child staying alone
When I am the father waiting and wondering
When I am the mother lost to the story
Welcome me, O God.

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