Prayers in the Wilderness Day 13

This was the morning prayer in yesterday’s worship service

O God, you have called us to be a people on the move
Traveling light,
Dying to live,
Ready to lose ourselves for the sake of the world.

You have called us to be a people with a purpose
Traveling without a map
Following where you lead us
Sustained by your Spirit
Committed to the gospel for the hope of the world.

You have called us to be your people, to be the church
But sometimes
We are too traditional for the young
Too respectable for the poor
Too divided for mission
Too preoccupied to think of others
Too unsure of our message to speak to the world…

Move us on our journey from where we are to where you want us to go.
Open our eyes to the people and ideas
That can bring color to our lives

Take us on our journey from what we are to what you what us to be
So that we become a community
Where all are welcome and no one feels excluded
Where all are valued, and no one is made to feel inadequate
Where all are forgiven and no one is ashamed
Where all are encouraged and no one is too hurt to come among us.

Lead us on our journey from who we are to who you want us to be,
So that patience is build into us, and Gentleness is part of us
So that Compassion flows from us, and truth is second nature to us
So that the Love and Courage are seen in us.
Let us go gladly on the journey toward Easter,
The journey toward death and resurrection


(adapted from a prayer by Ruth Harvey in Eggs and Ashes: resources for Lent & Holy Week, Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill, p.109)

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