Prayers in the Wilderness Day 12

our Light and Salvation,
we trust in you;
we seek your face;
we desire to dwell with you in this place,
in the land of the living.

We pray that you will be light and salvation in the church.
As we show and share your light and salvation,
remind us that it is not ours alone and that there are many shining your light into the world.

We pray that you will be light and salvation in the world:
In Mexico and other places where people have disappeared
In Syria as the international community helps work for a peaceful solution to its crises
In Saudi Arabia where women have been appointed to the Shura Council,
yet still cannot participate in much of public life.

In all the places of darkness, You are yet the Light, O God
In all the places of despair, You are Salvation.

In this season of sacrifice, help those of us going without a favorite treat and those of us who have taken on more healthful or life-giving habits to remember those in states of transition:
those leaving home for the first time
those without any structure or place to call “home”
those lacking potable water or unpolluted breath
those who are between jobs
those who are recovering from an illness or from surgery
those who are welcoming home a newborn
those who are unable to conceive
those returning from war
those who are divorcing
those who mourn.
We pray that they will know how it feels to be gathered under the protection of your wings.

And we pray this for each of us as we consider the wilderness,
That, knowing the protection of your love,
We will desire to dwell in that love
To seek your face
Walk in your way
And wait for you.


Some parts of this used by permission of World in Prayer, a ministry of the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist, Lodi, California, USA.

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