Prayers in the Wilderness Day 7

The unsearchable abyss of peace,
the ineffable sea of love,
the fountain of blessings and the bestower of love,
sending peace to those who receive:
open to us this day the sea of your love,
and water us with plenteous streams from the riches of your grace,
so that the fire of your love may be kindled in us,
our weakness may be strengthened
by your power,
and we may be bound closely to you
and to one another in bonds unity,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

–Syrian Clementine Liturgy (2nd century)

One thought on “Prayers in the Wilderness Day 7”

  1. …so that we may be bound closer to you, and to one another….

    how lovely is that? the closer we draw to the Center, the closer we discover we are to each other.

    this truth comforts me in my wilderness walking today.

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