William the Inquirer

And there was much rejoicing! William with Wendy after hearing the good news (photo by Pastor Sandy)

On Thursday, seminary intern William Lee, flanked by Pastor Sandy Tice and Wendy Lamb, his Session Liaison, braved Riverside Presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry–they couldn’t have been kinder–spoke with them at length about his background, sense of call, and hopes for ministry, and was officially accepted as an “Inquirer” in the PC(USA) ordination process. For more on what this means and how you might be able to help William in his process, look for an article in the March newsletter and check out the Presbytery’s CPM page.

3 thoughts on “William the Inquirer”

  1. Go William! It was a good reminder that we, as the Church, seek God together!
    and Go Wendy! Everyone needs a good liaison (support person)!

    And thanks be to God for the desire to serve.

  2. William,

    I am so excited for you and your family. REMEMBER!!! You are not walking alone. You have a huge family at First Presb. right behind you. Have a wonderful and meaningful journey.

  3. Lynn,

    It is the most coziest and loveliest family ever. BTY what a beautiful corner! I’m on the cloud…

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