A collage of photos of different ages - female pastor outdoors with bread and communion chalice, kids in a circle playing, man in a wheelchair handing out food, men looking through a microscope, teens stretching, women facing each other, woman, man and young adult cutting palm crosses.
Together we worship, serve, and play.

Welcome to our website!

What you see on these pages is not the sum total of who we are, but it will give you a glimpse. Here you see faces, families, and festivals that speak of who we are as God’s people.

You’ll see that we raise things: we raise the cross of Christ in worship, we raise our children together, we raise our voices in song and praise.

You’ll see, too, what we hold: we hold fast to each other, our faith in Jesus, and our reformed tradition.

Finally, we expect things: we expect God to meet us in worship, we expect to do ministry in our city and world, and we expect to keep growing in grace.

Our life together is a gift from God–come share the gift.

–Sandy Tice, Pastor

Be… in Christ …Loved. …of Use.